Tomorrow Isn't Going to Be Different Than Today

Every November clients tell us, "I just have to get through the holidays and then I will get on track." Then January comes and it's, "Next week I will get on track." This pattern continues and continues through the Spring and Summer and before they know its November again and they never "got on track."

People have this idea that they are going to be 'different tomorrow than they are today." We convince ourselves that tomorrow all the "stuff" in our lives that is keeping us from achieving our fitness goals will be gone, and as soon as that "stuff" goes away, we can commit to something and actually make progress. We will workout multiple times per week, eat healthy, sleep more and look better...tomorrow. Let's face it, there is always going to be stuff in our lives that "gets in the way." Tomorrow isn’t going be different than today.

Creating a great physique or high fitness level isn’t something that happens overnight or easily. As legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden put it, “It takes time to create excellence. If it could be done quickly, more people would do it.” Those who achieve high fitness levels will tell you it wasn’t through a magical new workout program, doing two-a-days, or a paleo diet; it was simply a by-product of a consistent routine that doesn’t break when “stuff” happens. They view working and maintaining a diet like going to work…just something you do every day. Some days it might be easier to do than others, you might be tired, sick or have a million things going on at home, but you get up and go because you see value in the results of going.

As we approach the craziness of the upcoming Holiday season evaluate yourself and your fitness goals. Are you going to take a “tomorrow will better easier than today” approach or a “start today” approach? The world doesn't stop to give us time to achieve fitness. If you want to accomplish something new, you have to commit to it and find a way to get it done. Whether it is starting you own business after working a 9-5, training for a marathon in the early morning before work, or learning a new language; the first step to being successful at it is to start and navigate the challenges as they come. Shoot first...aim later.