Kris Petersen

Kris Petersen

Owner/Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach


About Coach

A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Kris has over 15 years of training experience. He has trained a range of clientele including collegiate athletes, physique competitors, and those recovering from injury. Kris recently moved to Durham, NC with his wife Virginia to open the newest location of Bodymass Composition Testing and is excited to explore a new area after living in Washington, DC for the past 13 years. Kris is committed to quality training that is backed by science and will help you reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible. He believes in taking a comprehensive approach to fitness by integrating strength training, nutrition coaching, physical therapy, and composition testing to create a personalized path to success. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, hurt, healthy, experienced, or a complete beginner, he is excited to help you successfully reach your goals. Kris is currently taking on online programming, virtual coaching, and nutrition coaching clients.

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