Meredith Black

Meredith Black

Personal Trainer


About Coach

Meredith has been a personal trainer since August 2019. Her main career path started in nursing, but she quickly realized that helping others through physical training paired well with her passions as a health and wellness advocate. Meredith's goal is to help people avoid negative health outcomes, as well as live life to the fullest for as long as possible. Meredith has been an athlete since a young age, playing basketball in middle and high school and rugby and roller derby in college. She currently prefers weightlifting at Bodymass Gym and gets in some cardio while teaching indoor cycling. Meredith has two cats and her husband at home. She loves to travel but mostly prefers relaxing Caribbean beaches. She loves crafts, coffee, and a good book. Meredith does Group Training at Bodymass Arlington

Turning Point

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