Virginia Kinkel

Virginia Kinkel

Owner/Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach


About Coach

Growing up as a competitive gymnast in Central Mass, Virginia's passion for fitness began at an early age and eventually lead to a BS degree in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland. Freshman year of college she began her now 18 year career in fitness. With a foundation in small group fitness, nutrition, advanced exercise physiology and systematic programming she & Kris decided to combine all they've learned and open Bodymass Gym in 2016 followed by Bodymass Composition Testing in 2018. Spanning the mid-Atlantic & Southeast, Virginia & Kris oversee the boutique strength training spaces of Bodymass Gym in Washington DC & Arlington VA, and Bodymass Composition Testing facilities that provide DEXA Scans, RMR Testing & Nutrition Coaching in Arlington VA, Tampa FL & Chapel Hill, NC. Virginia brings energy, passion and hands-on coaching to everything she takes on with Bodymass. With a wide range of clients from competitive athletes, postpartum women, and lifestyle clients focusing on body composition, she continues to train, but has recently shifted gears to more one-on-one nutrition coaching. She loves seeing her clients succeed with their goals, while learning to still enjoy life in the process! Recently Virginia, her husband & co-owner Kris, dogs Flex & Franco, daughter Charlie (and second baby girl on the way!) relocated to the Triangle to run the newest Bodymass Composition Testing location in Chapel Hill, NC! After 12 years in DC, she is slowly starting to learn more about her new home- but suggestions are welcome. Outside of the gym Virginia takes Improv acting classes, enjoys learning phrases in various languages, spend a few days in their off-the-grid West Virginia cabin and hike with her family and spend time with family & friends Virginia does virtual Nutrition Coaching, virtual Private Training, virtual Bodymass Baby Mama workout & Composition Testing

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